2011 11 03 White Board Notes

Spoken Language Written Language
Real time, situation-bound, F2F Displaced, not real time, asynchronous
Temporary, not recoverable Permanent, reproducible, transmissable
Interactive One-to-many
Face, body, voice Punctuation, font, layout
Casual, repetition and repair Concentrated, organized, dense, “correct”

Some dates (for more detail, see this Recording Technology History web site):

  • 1877: Edison’s phonograph cylinder, first practical recording and reproducing device for sound
  • 1889: First gramophone disks
  • 1920: Commercial voice radio
  • 1920s: Electrical recording (radio)
  • 1940s: First vinyl disks
  • 1940s: First commercially available tape recorders, Ampex
  • 1920s: First television, but first commercial television network in U.S. not until 1948
  • 1982: Digital sound recording (first CDs), which resulted in a merger of sound recordings and computers.

Covergence: We are seeing a fusion of written and spoken language.

  • Internet still largely text-based, but may well change
  • Sound recording (telephone, radio, television and video) have altered the distinction between spoken and written language
  • Spoken language now recoverable, repeatable, transmissionable over long distances.
  • Radio and television one-to-many
  • Mirror image: email, chat, blogs, SMS have given written discourse informality associated with speech
  • Printed material less prestigious, more ephemeral
  • Changing the language: Netspeak  (Is email ruining the language?  Are blogs?  Is texting?)

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