Project No. 1: Communication Styles

This is a chart one of my former students drew to capture her media use. I don't suggest you do yours like this, but it is rather cute.

Here are the steps for your first class project.

  1. Create your blog.  If you don’t know how, simply click here and fill out the short form.  Once in, you can customize your blog to your heart’s content.
  2. Email the link to
  3. Your first post: Examine your own communication styles and those of your peers.  How do people best reach you, and how do you communicate with other people?  What platforms do you use—mail, email, blog, telephone (cell or landline?), text, IM, social networks (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, others?)  How do you communicate with someone you don’t know?
  4. You may also wish to step back a little and educate yourself a little, see communication styles from a larger perspective.  At the bottom of the post are some links to get you started.
  5. Post a link to your blog post on the class FB
  6. By the start of class next Thursday.

I am a trifle concerned.  As of today, no one has emailed me with a blog address.

In addition, remember that by Wednesday each week you are to post a relevant article on the class FB.

Here are some from me that will help you perhaps with this assignment:

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